2016 Marina Regulations & Waiver

This form may be downloaded and returned at the AGM, by email (akisk01@telus.net) or faxed to Cathy at 250-342-0122.

Akiskinook Marina: Boat Slip Rentals and Trailer Parking Policy:

Akiskinook Resort boat slips and boat trailer parking stalls are at a premium. Therefore, owners’ rights and access to boat slips must take priority. Use of boat slips and the trailer parking storage area is “owner use only” i.e. owners cannot rent or sublet their slips to renters. Only the Strata Council can rent boat slips. Owners who will not be using their slip for a period of time should contact the office (stratn21@telus.net). The office will then put the slip in a ‘rental pool’ for that period of time. Other Owners on the waiting list will be given first priority to rent any stall that becomes available. Owners will receive 50% of the rental income. ANY BOAT docked in the Marina that has not been registered by the Office will be subject to a fine of $50.00 per occurrence, and may be removed without notice.

  1. All boat owners must file Proof of Ownership (Bill of Sale or Insurance Certificate or other mutually agreed upon documentation) and Vessel Registration Certificate by April 30th for the upcoming season, or their slip will be reassigned. To be assigned a trailer parking stall, the model of the trailer and serial number/licence plate number must be submitted to the office. NOTE: As most owners updated their boat and trailer documentation in 2008, you need only contact the office if any of the information has changed since then.
  2. Boat slip invoices must be paid by April 30. If payment is not received by the due date, the slip will be assigned to the next owner on the waiting list.
  3. Akiskinook boat slip renters are responsible for securing their boat against damage through the use of cleats, ropes and bumpers. A Waiver Form must be signed and returned with the payment to receive a boat slip.
  4. Boat and Trailer stickers will be available prior to the May long weekend to all owners who have paid for a boat slip. Stickers must be displayed on either the bow or the driver’s side window and must be visible when the boat’s canopy/tarp is used.
  5. The maximum length of any boat kept in the Akiskinook Marina is 23 feet (7 meters) from the tip of the bow to the maximum protrusion from the stern, that being the back end of the motor or the swim platform, whichever is longest. Boat lengths are grandfathered for all boats currently registered with Akiskinook.
  6. Boats or trailers of any kind may not be kept, stored, placed or parked on any part of the guest parking area (inside the front gate) unless first receiving permission in writing from the Council or from the office and obtaining a valid temporary parking pass that is posted in a conspicuous place. The Council reserves the right and has the authority to remove or cause to be removed any boat or trailer that is kept, stored, placed or parked on any part of the guest parking area without the written approval of the Council or from the office.
  7. Only Principal Owners having a majority interest in a unit are eligible to qualify and apply/use boat slips and trailer parking stalls.
  8. A separate waiting list will be kept for those owners who wish to relocate to another boat slip when a vacancy materializes.
  9. Water skiing, sailboards, jet skis and boats are not allowed in the swimming area marked by the buoys.
  10. Swimming and fishing is not allowed around the boat dock area.
  11. Passenger pick-up/drop off (especially for jet skis) is NOT permitted in the boat docking area. Please use the end of the docks.
  12. Water skiing is NOT permitted from the boat docks.
  13. Damage to boats is the responsibility of the person/persons causing the damage.
  14. Piloting boats under the influence of alcohol is prohibited by law.
  15. The following amended special resolution was passed at an AGM regarding the Boat Storage Yard: “Be it resolved as a special resolution that The Owners of Strata Plan N21 approve the removal of the tents or erected structures within the Marina parking enclosures that impact upon reasonable ingress and egress from the adjacent storage spots and that future installation of consistent colored tents be permitted with the prior approval of the board. It is understood that the board will make every reasonable effort to move impacted owners to new locations that do not impede adjacent access.” “In the event that Akiskinook unit owners who have been assigned a boat stall in the Storage Yard, desire to erect a Temporary Tent Shelter Structure, the following process must be followed. Submit a request through the Akiskinook office. The specific site in question will then be subject of a visual review by the Strata Council Board Member responsible for the Marina and Recreation Centre. Following this, the unit owner will be informed of the decision. All boat shelters must be of the type and color of the existing Temporary Tent Shelter Structures. Any Temporary Tent Shelter Structure, whether existing or newly approved, must allow neighboring owners to easily access their assigned boat stall. In the event they do not do so and complaints are received, unit owners may be asked to modify the location or size of the temporary structure, or remove it.”
  16. All store bought, utility tarps in the boatyard, whether on tents or covering boats (not part of the original boat covering, such as a tonneau cover), must be of a neutral/earthy color.
  17. To ensure the longevity of the marina docks, carpeting will not be allowed.
  18. Owners may not attach or anchor any additional hardware to the docks without prior approval of the Board. The new docks have cleats and bumpers already in place for owners’ use. This rule applies to all docks installed as of 2011 and later. Akiskinook Resort is not responsible for any ropes, bumpers, etc., that have been added by an owner, that are left on the docks at the end of the season.
  19. All boats must be out of the marina by the end of the Thanksgiving long weekend.